Marina is a certified 500-hour registered yoga teacher. Marina received her certification in 2014 from Yoga in the World under the instruction of Anayra Calderon. Marina fell in love with the way yoga challenged her physically through asana practice as well as mentally and spiritually through meditation practice.  In March of 2015 Marina traveled to India to further her yoga education and study Ashtanga Vinyasa with Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar of The Yoga People. In November of 2017 Marina completed her 300 hour advanced training with The Yoga People with concentrations in philosophy, methodology, and theory of Rocket Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mandala Vinyasa, and Shamanic Arts. In 2018, Marina spent 2 months studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Ajay Kumar, of Sthalam 8 in Mysore, India. She is also a certified as a Past Life Regression Therapist from B. Naga Kumar of Mysore, India. In 2019 Marina dove into an immersive course with Manel Rodrigues which concentration in Tantric Philosophy and Myths. 

Marina is passionate about the power in sharing ceremonial healing modalities with her students. She has dedicated her life to studying with teachers, shamans, and guides all over the world and sharing those teachings. 

Marina believes that in addition to yoga and meditation, traveling and purposeful service to others are all tools that broaden your scope of the world and allows for you to get out of your own way. Exploring your body through asana practice; your mind through meditation; your spirit through ceremony and connecting with nature; and different people and cultures through travel; cultivates compassion, kindness, and space for healing.