Tales from Thailand

Its been 1 month that we have officially moved our lives and our work to the land of smiles; Thailand. Each time we step foot in a new country, we are hit with the wave of the unfamiliar. The uncertain mind chatter is loud; Do we like it here? Does this work for us? Is it everything we imagined it would be? 

For the most part, the first month never really counts; we're basically still tourists. We roam around our new surroundings getting lost in streets we still don't recognize, while we hunt for the best coffee, the best local eatery, and a way to make this foreign land feel a little more like home. 

5 weeks into our move to Thailand, Jorge and I can confidently look at one another and agree, "Yup, we made the right choice."

To say that we are loving Thailand is understatement. We are LIVING Thailand. This country has opened up its arms and wrapped the two of us in a warm hug. 

We've settled in the mountainous northern city of Chiang Mai. Although this is the largest city in northern Thailand, it's low key vibe and charming authenticity can make any traveler, whether seasoned or novice fall in love with the Thai Culture. 

Inside the historical "Old City," we spend our days zipping down the alleys on our motorbike discovering the flavors of traditional Thai cuisine, the towering Buddhas peeking over the Wats (Buddhist Temples), and learning more about uniqueness of this culture and it's people. Thai Life is definitely agreeing with us, if only every country were this easy. 

In over a year of traveling with Jorge from country to country, we've both learned that the first few weeks are always the most emotional. We have to maintain our cool while we patiently navigating our way through unknown terrain. Excitement can quickly turn to anxiety as we begin to question every decision we make. We go back and forth from wondering whether we are being ripped off to celebrating when we think we've gotten the best deal in town. 

The choices we make don't just affect us, but every traveler coming on our trips. 

As the retreat guides, we aren't just leading these experiences, we are living the experiences. We spend the time getting lost, tasting all the street food, bargaining with vendors, so that our trips are the most authentic representation of the country and it's culture. 

We have committed, at least for now, to this nomadic lifestyle. Our goals are rooted in our simple desire to explore and absorb as much of this beautiful world as we can and share it with as many people as we can. 

This is the work of our lives. 

So while we await the arrival of our fellow wanderlusters we will settle into Thailand's warm embrace, enjoying this amazing adventure we call life.