200 Hour Teacher Training FAQs:

1.     Who is Yoga in the World?

Yoga in the world is an Accredited Yoga School that has been running 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2014.  Since then, the program has graduated over 25 teachers from all backgrounds and varied yoga interests. All students successfully completing the course will be able to apply for registration with the Yoga Alliance. 

2.  How much is the tuition and what does the tuition for teacher training include?

The tuition for the training is $1500.00.

The tuition for teacher training includes 200+ hours of instruction, classes with head teacher Anayra I. Calderon, and co-teacher, Marina De Lima.

3.  Are books included with the price of training? 

 Books are not included in the price of training and students are responsible for acquiring the reading materials.   

4.  How large is the group of trainees? What are the typical ages of people who complete the training? 

 The training group sizes vary by cycles but will not be smaller than five or larger than 30. 

 People of all ages participate in the trainings.  

5.  How proficient do you have to be at yoga to participate in the program? 

Students should have a consistent yoga practice to participate in the program; however, the level of proficiency of each student will vary.  Most people are at different levels when they start, and people that are on a beginner level often do the training to deepen their practice.  

6.  What if I cannot make a class during the training? 

All of the hours for the training are accounted for by the Yoga Alliance in order to receive the 200-hour certification.  If you have to miss a class you will have to make arrangements to make the hours up with the corresponding teacher.   

7.  Will there be homework? 

There will be homework assignments that will be assigned before arriving in Morocco that students will be required to complete before the assigned date.

8.  Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I complete the program? 

Students will be able to teach the Yoga in the World signature series.  They will also have the knowledge to create their own classes pursuant with the principles learned during the teacher training.  

9.  Are there any physical requirements I need to have, poses I need to know or be able to do before starting my teacher training? 

During teacher training you will be required to take two yoga classes per day week with Anayra and Marina.   You will also practice teaching and taking your peers’ classes.  We will be working on poses during the training and it will be a learning experience for all.    

10.  Will I get a job after training? 

Just like any other training program, a job upon completion is not guaranteed.  There is a business of yoga segment built in to the training where we will discuss how to get a job teaching yoga.  Yoga in the World has a huge success rate in their students being able to get employment beyond graduation.

11.  What will be covered in the training program? 

Anatomy and physiology

Asana study 

Meditation study 

Strategic sequencing and lesson planning 

Hands on adjustments 

Pranayama study 

Philosophy study 

12.  Do I have to want to be a yoga teacher to take this training? 

No.  Many students that complete a yoga teacher training often do so in order to learn more about yoga and to deepen their practice.  While you will come out of the program fully competent to teach a yoga class, if that is not your goal you will still learn a lot in the program.   

13. What are the details of the service project portion of this training?

In this join effort, Anayra and Marina have come together to offer this 200-hour level training at a subsidized cost of $1500 with the commitment by each trainee to raise a minimum of $500 total for their Non-Profit Organizations ‘Bend to Mend’ and ‘World Travelers Association.’ The goal of this training is to offer a comprehensive, accredited, and concise teacher-training program to potential teachers that may not have the financial means to complete a traditional teacher-training program.

14.  Who is ‘Bend to Mend?’

Bend to Mend is a 501 (c)3 non-for profit organization established in 2013 by high school and yoga teacher Anayra I. Calderon.  Prior to Bend to Bend, Inc. being established, Anayra collaborated with some of the yoga studios that she worked at to raise funds that would provide Thanksgiving meals to Jersey City families in need. After three years of working with yoga studios as well as asking friends and family for donations, Thanksgiving meals expanded to gift cards at Christmas, collecting prom dresses for prom and to the creation of Bend to Mend, Inc. While the original fundraising efforts focused on William L. Dickerson High School in Jersey City, NJ, the organization looks forward to expanding their reach into other inner city districts that suffer from the same economical hardships as Jersey City.

15. Who is ‘World Travelers Association?’

World Travelers Association (WTA) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that believes in ‘Traveling for a Purpose.’  Self-expanding adventures, like surfing and yoga, are matched with volunteer efforts on organized group trips to different countries around the world. All adventures as designed to create peak experiences in the traveler's life, and organized volunteer opportunities allow for authentic, positive and meaningful impact.

In 2015, Marina left Hoboken, NJ and her former career as a television producer, with a commitment to implement the practices of Yoga and Meditation onto WTA experiences and pioneer ‘Yoga for a Purpose.’

WTAs vision is about crafting fulfilling experiences for those who seek to learn about the world, and themselves through adventure, yoga, meditation, and purposeful travel.


FAQs about Morocco and Teacher Training in Morocco

1. Accommodations and Venue of Training:

Marco Surf Camp Villa:

Located 100 Meters away from the beach in the small town of Tamraght, next to Tagazhout, the villa has 3 panoramic terraces with views to the ocean. The top terrace has a common room with satellite TV, Wi-Fi connection, dining room, chill out zone, bathroom, kitchen, and roof-top fully equipped yoga shala.The villa offers a wide variety of accommodation from deluxe double rooms en suite rooms to doubles and triples for sharing. Room assignment will be based on a first come first serve basis.

Cost of accommodation is covered in the $1500 cost of your 200-hour teacher training.

2. What airport do I fly into?

We recommend that all trainees fly into Marrakech Menara Airport January 13, 2018. The group will spend the night in Marrakech and be transported the morning of January 14th to Marco Surf Camp.

Training will begin on the afternoon of January 14th. If you chose to fly into Morocco on the morning of the January 14th, or if you fly into Agadir Airport, you will still be expected to be in attendance at the first training session.

3. Are my meals covered on this training?

Daily breakfast and dinner will be provided and is included in the cost of your $1500 training. You will have time each day for lunch and Tamraght or in the neighboring town of Tagazhout that is about 5 min ride away from Marco Surf Camp.  All your meals will be hearty, healthy and freshly prepared from the spiced coffee to the traditional tagine.

All fresh fruits, teas, and bottled water is included and available to your throughout the day.

Vegetarian Options are also available along with any other special dietary needs.

4. Will I have any free time or time to explore the surrounding area?

This training is designed to give you all the elements of 200 Hour Training in an immersive 19-day setting. As teachers and yoga students ourselves, we are aware of the need for breaks and time off to absorb material and to rest.

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