In October of 2015, Marina became familiar with the World Travelers Association (WTA) and was inspired and captivated by the message and purpose of the organization. Marina was so moved by her own WTA experience that it propelled her to take the necessary steps toward leaving behind her life in the corporate world to pursue her dreams of traveling the world and teaching yoga.

In 2015, Marina became the official Yoga Teacher and Director of Operations for World Travelers Association (WTA) and has been teaching yoga on WTA experiences around the world.  Marina's vision is about crafting worldly, and fulfilling experiences for those who seek to learn about the world, and themselves through yoga, meditation, and various healing modalities. 

World Travelers Association (WTA) mission is to "Travel for a Purpose."  Self-expanding adventures, yoga, and volunteer efforts are matched on organized group vacation experiences to different countries around the world. Adventure activities and volunteer opportunities are expertly curated to create a peak experience in the traveler's life, while allowing for authentic, positive and meaningful impact in each destination.